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Leave me alone. Ibatidak!
Leave me alone. Ibatinak!
Don't touch me. Dinak ig-igaman.
I'll call the police! Agayabak ti pulis!
Stop! Thief! Esardeng! Agtatakaw!
I need your help. Masapulko ti tulong mo.
I am lost. Napukawak!
I am lost. Na-iyaw-awan nak!
I lost my bag. Mapukaw ti bag ko.
I lost my wallet. Mapukaw ti petakak.
I am sick. agsakitak (Note: Filipinos generally equate this sentence with I have a fever. To say this, it is more proper to say, ag-gurigurak)
I met an accident. Naaksidente ak!
I need a doctor. Masapulko ti doktor.

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